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Shopping in the city of Manado at first concentrated around the Garden of National Unity (TKB) or Market '45, in this area there are many Clothing store, Electronics, Movies, sports stores, household goods store and supermarkets, along with the city's economic growth Manado, within a few years began in the wake of the massive project to open it in a modern shopping centers on land reclamation proceeds, approximately 4.2 kilometers along Jl. Piere Tendean or famous as Boulevard on Busines (B on B). Boulevard is the busiest area in the city of Manado, where there’s Offices, café & Restaurant by the beach and the shopping center like:


Mega Mall is the first mall in the city of Manado was built in 2004. Mega mall is a family mall that provides various families’ needs in one place which have 4 floors.


Was built in 2009, consists of 2 floors with tenants who are known as large companies both nationally and internationally.


This mall has Opened since 2006, located in City Center of Manado and a favorite spot for the community because it has most complete facilities in Manado like of Branded shops, restaurant, Handhone center, and renowned entertainment center, such as the studio 21, Ace Body Hardwerem Shop, Adidas, Blackcanyon coffee, Pizza hut, AW, Hyper Mart, Roti Boy, charisma Bookstore, Studio Photos, food courtdngan free wifi access, Optikmelawai, Pharmacy Boston, Johnny Andrean Salon, Dunkin Donuts, Matahari Dep. Store, Crocs, Levis, batik keris, Mobile Power, Sleep Center, Amazon and many more.


It Center is a strata title first mall in the city of Manado, a sales center for electrical appliances and life style.



This one outdoor mall has a bit slow construction until now. There are only a few shop houses are filled, but the place is still a lot of interesting visitors, especially for the young people in Manado because of the beautiful sunset in the afternoon can be viewed directly from this place. Although Manado is a coastal town, but not all locations in the beach can be made in a place to enjoy the sunset.





» Mercifull Building

Jl. Samratulangi No. 383 Commercial Wanea Plaza

The largest and the most comprehensive gift shop that sell a variety of souvenirs, ranging from handicrafts, t-shirts, batik, to jewelry from stones, pearls and special food. In addition to shopping, you can also see directly how to make pastries or typical food in Manado which is open from 09:00 to 17:00 (PST), you can also taste the sample for free of some foods and cakes are sold. Besides Merciful Building still available a few souvenir shops scattered in several areas in the city of Manado, such as Souvenir Stores.

» Bunaken Souvenir Shop

Jl. Samratulangi

» Souvenir Bohusami

Jl. Samratulangi 178

» UD Kawanua

Jl. BWLapian 41, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia | Phone: 0431 - 866 659

» Manado Souvenir

Jl.BWLapian N0.25, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia | Phone: 0431-850680

» Maesa Souvenir Shop

Jl.BWLapian 23, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia | Phone: 0431 - 857 636

» Aneka Rasa

Jl.B.W.Lapian 37 | Phone: 0431 - 851 049

» Tiqala Art & Souvenirs

Jl. BW Lapian 15-17 Manado | Phone: 0431-867799

» D’ Souvenir

Jl. Jend. Sudirman manado



» Village Tinoor

Along the way in this Tinoor village you can find a variety of handicrafts made of clay, bamboo and wooden carvings are in peddling in the stalls on the roadside, such as a table decoration, broom, stove, pots flower to equipment household-appliances.


» Village Pulutan

Village Pulutan in Minahasa regency is one that produces hand crafted pottery and carvings, located about 50 km from the city of Manado or 15 km from the village of Tondano.


» Traditional Market Tomohon

Traditional markets Tomohon was the largest traditional market in Minahasa, at first glance it looks like regular market selling vegetables, fruits, fish and a variety of daily necessities, but on the inside of the market there are vendors selling wild boar meat, snakes, bats, rats, cats, dogs and some animals that extreme to eat.


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