History & Culture in Manado

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Manado history and culture is another thing that is unique and very interesting to explore. You will find many of statues that telling history and folk tales in Manado. Many dance and music instrument also have their own story in Manado.


Kabasaran is war dance of Minahasa, accompanied by the sound of Tambour/small gong. Kabasaran dance now become a welcome dance for the dignitaries even before the dancers of Kabasaran just a dancer in traditional ceremonies.


Cakalele is one-chapter of Kabasaran Dance. This part is showing them alignancy of war to the dignitary who’s visiting to provide security to the great guests that demons are afraid to disturb guests under guard of Kabasaran dancer.


Katrili is a Heritage dance of Portuguese and Spanish Colonial since 16th century ago where the dancers start dancing with lively and cheerful face. This dance has become main dance from many dances of Minahasa Tribes. Katrili always performed in all government ceremonial occasions, parties of Minahasa citizen, and also in schools contest or at various cultural festivals.


Maengket is an original traditional dance of Minahasa which is performed while harvesting crops with simple movements. Maengket consists of three chapters: Maowey Kamberu is a dance performed on the thanks giving to Almighty God, especially at harvest rice crops are the result multiplied. Marambakis the spirit dancing of the Minahasa people while helping to make a new home. Lalayan is a dance that symbolize show young people in the ancient Minahasa will find their soul mate.


Masamper is a traditional art of singing that often appear during thanks giving and other big activities.


Music Bamboo is one of the music instruments that come from Minahasa. Music Bamboo now developed into one of the prestigious traditional music to accompany the song to Honor guests, marriage ceremonies and other ceremonies.


Music is traditional music minahasa Kolintang made ​​of wood that can produce unique musical sound. This music is usually performed in a variety of performing arts, wedding party, the welcome ceremony, the inauguration, thanksgiving & game show.


Tumatenden, based on folk tales said this location is the location of the nine fairies bathing place. Just like Jaka Tarub story, one of the nine fairies was lost the shawl and cannot return to Heaven. And the moment when a fairy loses her shawl that was the last time the other fairies came to earth and bathing in the wellspring.


Watupinawetengan is meaning “the divisionrock”. Where the ancient elders (dotu-dotu) of Minahasan were did the division area of residence in Minahasa. In addition to dividing the territory, the elders also makes this place to negotiation all issues encountered.


Malalayang Beach.This black sand beach has the beautiful view of Manado Tua Island, Bunaken Island, even Siladen Island. Takes -+ 20 minutes from city center to get in here. The tourist can also enjoy the fried banana & coconut ice while seeing the beautiful sunset. This can be the unforgettable moment.


Sentrum Church & The 2nd world war Monument located near of zero point. Sentrum Church was called “Oude Kerk” or which mean “Old Church”. This church still have the original architecture of Netherland style and Queen of Netherland ever visited this church. The 2nd World War Monument is a reminder of the allies’ victory over Japanese residence.


Dr. Sam Ratulangi Statue is a reminder of North Sulawesi hero, Dr. Sam Ratulangi. He was the 1st mathematics doctor in Indonesia. He also the originator of symbol “Sitoutimoutumoutou” which mean “Human humanize Human”. Dr. Sam Ratulangi was born on November 5th and died on June 30th 1949. His services are very meaningful to the people of Indonesia especially North Sulawesi.


Statue of Jesus Blessing in Manado is the 1st biggest in Asia & the 3rd biggest in the world after in Poland. This statue becomes the new icon of Manado City since 2007 which has 30 meters high.

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